What is a crystalchild?


Crystalchildren are humans with open and alives 7 senses. Each person has 7 senses but most of them don't know them or don't use them. Crystalchildren are similar to Indigochildren.

The aura of Crystalchildren shines in all pastel colours. Their energy is clear, calm, peacefull and they radiate a lot of love. They are very sensitive and can feel the emotions of other people, feel energies and thoughts. On the other side they are very sensitive and get hurt very soon. They are peacemakers. Because they don't like fights (the energy and oscillation is not nice of fights) They do everything with love and respect. 

The Crystalchildren have a big knowledge. For example they now what they did in past lifes, what happen with people, why they are ill or where their way goes and so on. That's why they are a bit bossy and don't like teacher so much. They don't like if other people instruct them because they know already.
The Crystalchildren like the nature and the animals very much and they are very important for them. Because they feel the love of the nature and the animals.
They know about their feelings and are very clear about what happens in their body or in their life.
They love everything wich glitters, shins and sparkles. To the angels, ghosts and invisible friends they have a good contact and can talk to them. Telepathy is easy for them. The eyse of Crystalchildren are mostly big and shiny. They can talk with their eyes.


I put the characteristics of the Crystalchldren here. But not every Crystalchild is the same. They are also individually diffrent. 

Characteristics of Crystalchildren: 

-   Lovely, do everything with love 

-   Sensitive, feel energies, get hurt very soon

-   Take problems and energies of theirselves and want to solve everything 

-   Have big expectations on their fellow man

-   Love everything which glitters or shines 

-   Have a big relation to the nature and the animals 

-    The eyes are big and attractively

-   They are very calm and balanced

-   Have a big knowledge 

-   Tell their parents, teachers what to do

-   Peacemacker, don't like fights, mediator

-   Are clear about their feelings and situations

-   Are rarely angry

-   Decide their life by themself, decide when they want to start speaking, deside when they want to learn something and listen just on their self

-   Feel if someone is lying or not real, react on it and don't like it 

-   Don't follow rules or  Educating measures which makes no sense for them or which are illogically

-   See the world with a higher connection and have a very open horizon and a very open mind



The most important is:
Crystalchildren are humans. We are here to show you what humans are able to do.


As I sad Crystalchildren are normal humans who feel the world with 7 senses. We feel the fine-materially, spiritually and mentually world very clear. We don't like putting us on a podest or a higher place. We are not better, more valuable or without mistakes. We are. Every person is wunderful and is able to feel the world with 7 senses. 


I wrote a book about crystal children and about my life. ~Here~ you can see the cover and read a bit in german.



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