Here you can find things which helped me a lot in my life and which I created for you.
So that we all feel more happy, more in peace and more in love :-)



Meditation to meet your guardian angel

We all have several guardian angels. They are here to help us, to guide us and to guide us into great joy and love. I am talking and working with my angels since I am 18 years old and they explained me a lot and helped me in many many situations.

So I got a meditation how you can feel your guardian angel and start talking with him. It is written on 3 A4 pages and it costs 48€. If you want it you can order it at my email




Meditation for more peace

It is very beautiful to be in peace and almost every person wants peace in the world. And yes it is possible! We can creat peace! You can creat peace, it starts with you. The more peace you have in you, the more peace you have in your relationships and the more peace will be on the earth :-)

I know 2 very good meditations where you can reach deep peace inside yourself and one meditation where you can reach peace with your couple/mother/father/neighbour/child with whom ever you are in struggle. I learned and did this meditation over 5 years and it really brings peace and harmony into your life.

~So I can offer you a meditation to have inner peace, peace within you which costs 58 € and are 3 A4 pages with explanation and the excercise.

~ And one meditation where you can easily creat peace in raltionships weather with your parents, children, boss or everyone you wish to feel better or to have more harmony.. The exercise costs 80 € and has 5 pages explanation and the exercise 

If you want to order them you can write me an email at




Heartdream Consultation

If you want to be happy and to live your dreams this consultation can help you :-)
Together we are looking into your heart and find your heartdreams :-)
The heartdream consultation works over skype or telefon






I am really happy to present you my new paintings :-) I love to paint and the paintings I show you here are cosmical tools which help you in your life :-)
To see them all and for details click ~here~




My book  *We crystalchildren*

When I was 23 years old my book about crystalchildren came out in german :-) In this book I write about me, what I see and feel, how I am, my spiritual home, how crystalchildren are and how beautiful and easy life can be :-)
In 2013 it came out in korean :-)

You can buy it here in korean:

You can order it here in german:


Thanks :-)
Let's creat a world full of peace and love :-)