Its a big honor and joy to present you my paintings. They are all cosmical tools and can help you better your life :-)



Flower of letting go

The Flower of Letting go helps you to let go, to transform, frees you and takes things away from which you don't need anymore. The Painting is connected with forces and as soon it is activated it can help you to transform and take away deep topics, wounds  and hurts ~More~


Freeing - Spiral

The freeing - Spiral, frees you from disturbing and negative Influences from the mental level. That means it clears your mind, clams thoughts and gives space for your soullight that you can hear your heart better. ~More~

The Sweetness of Life

The sweetness of life reminds you about things, activities, hobbies and dreams that allow you to enjoy life. They help you to create joy and ease in your life and to enjoy your present incarnation throughly. ~More~

Sho Lah

Sho Lah helps you to heal and open your heart. It helps you to overcome seperation, loss and fears and to regain trust into love and into your life's dreams. It's a cosmic tool, which was first used by the high priests of Lemuria. ~More~




Power of the sea

This Painting carries the different energies from the sea and soothes.
It connects you with the qulities of the sea and they float into your life. It if it s activated it helps to calm down, to rest, to let things settle to have more harmonie in realtionships and to bring calmness. ~More~








This painting carries high healing energies and helps to get heal and be more youself.
It connects you with high forces of healing and everything gets into balance again. It also helps you to see the divine order and situation where you fall out of your own divine order. And the more you are in harmonie with you and your divine order the healer you are. 






Cristaline Love


The cristaline love helps softly to heal and open the heart. If it is activated it radiates love into the room and hugs everyone :-)
It is very popular with crystalchildren, it is very good for new born children or childrens bedroom. It helps everyone who needs more love.





Joy-Abandunce Flame


The Joy-Abandunce Flame brings forces together which spark joy and abandunce in your life. If it is once activted it burns things which are blocking your joy and your natural abandunce flow. Very good for people who want to be reacher :-)




Femility Blossom 



The femility blossom reminds you on your inner femility and helps you to let it flower :-) She spreads warm secureness in the room and female softness and helps you to be the female you are :-)




Do you want to have one of those paintings?

You can order one it is acryl on canvas 30cm x 30cm.


The prices are:
Flower of letting go  180€
Freeing - Spiral 366 €
The sweet of life 247 €
Sho Lah 160 €
Power of the sea 260€
Healing 320€
Cristaline Love 240 €
Joy-Abandunce-Flame 345 €
Feminity Blossom  332 €

All pictures will be sent to your home and the posatge isn't incluided, depends on the country you live (for Korea it is 47€ ). The "" isn't on the painting.


To every painting there is a description, explanation and guidance how you can work with it. Because every painting is a cosmical tool which can support you on your way. The guidance costs 20€.


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