About me


Hi my name is Lena, my body is 29 years old, I'm a Crystal Child and I grew up in in Switzerland :-)



I am one of the first crystalchildren, a sucessfull author and an empathic coach. With my warm heart and my clear words I can explain how you can get rid of running thoughts, how to deal with your emotions, how to fullfill your dreams and just having a smile in your face every day. I don't care so much what people or society is expacting from me, I live my own life out of love out of her heart.



I was guest on over 27 TV shows, my youtube videos have over half a million views and were even shown on national TV SRF. My two books *Wir Kristallkinder* and *Für dich & dein Herz* reached thousands of people and helped them to understand themselves better. Many people are amazed by the way of how free and happy I am living so a mouvy was made about her and her lifestyle named *Lenas world*.

One client describes me as *the first person who could reach her heart and explaining her that she is right the way she is* while another described her *when I looked in Lenas eyes I felt her love and high radiant energy, it went straight to my heart. It was the first time I experienced how it is to feel loved*, *I never saw a person with such a clear connection to the devine*


I am so happy with my life and so fullfilled with following my heart that I want to show it to everyone.

Discover the way you can live also free from societies expactions and living the life you dream of with just following your hear. Find out more about the heart ~here~