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Past events


Love Meditation

19.05.12      Internet      18°° (european time)

We will do a meditation where we go into our heart, into our middle, to what we truly are, our inner stability.
At the moment a lot is falling apart and showing up where we often don't know what or whom can we believe. Old patterns are collapsing and we feel this when we are tired, unhappy or angry.

In such moments it is important to remember what we really are, Love <3 ... and to realise that what is falling apart we don't need anymore :-)

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Be connected

25.02.12      Inca      Mallorca

In this seminar you will learn an excersise iin which you can deelply heal yourself and your etherical roots. It helps you to be more connected with the earth and with your beeing :-)

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Love shows us the way

I give a live talk in the internet about love, how it helps us and how the moment situation is looking like from the 5th dimension :-)

25.03.11     21:00 CET / 3 pm EST / 8 pm GMT 
on this channel



Be a child

A live talk about how nice and how easy it is to be a child, in the internet

11.12.10     20:00 CET / 2 pm EST / 7 pm GMT 



Interview on Radio Seres

I am invited to the Radio Seres from Spain where we talk about spiritual things, crystalchildren, money and love :-)

It is at the 7th of ocotber at 22 Uhr europeantime and you can listen it on their homepage:



Love yourself

I talk about "Love yourself" on 11th march  20°°...



Take your Power !

A live Talk at 11.2.10  20 Uhr here ~2012 and beyond~




5.02.2010  21 Uhr I talk at ~2012 and beyond~ and it will be a surprise... hihi



Living in the heart

11.01.10 at 20°°

iI give an live talk and tell how it is to live in the heart



Interview in the Internet

11.12.2009 at 21°°

I give an Interview, we talk about 2012 and about crystal children, I guess you can watch it here