What is going on on the earth

 on Now-TV on 16.09.15

The new age and 2015

 on Now-TV on 22.01.15

Trailer - Lenas world

There was a movie made about me and my lifestyle

How crystalchildren heal

A speach for the healer congress in germany in 2010

The colective heart is free!!

Dario and I freed it on 12.12.13

Here is the meditation to help healing the collective heart


Live your dream ~ Lebe deinen Traum




Living in the heart

with korean subtitles :-) from the 11.01.10


Follow your heart ~  Folge deinem Herzen

En españole, en française, in english und auf deutsch :-)




I was Guest at the show *Time to do* on TV Swiss5



Love shows us the way

a sequenz from 25.03.11



from february the 5th 2010



Interview with Now-TV

on the Rainbowspirit Festival 13.06.11



Be a child


from 11.12.10




Interview by 2012 and beyond







Living in the Heart







Take your Power !

from 11.02.2010



Interview with Anai

from 30.09.10 in german with spanish translation






Interview for the project

A section of july 2009