Its very beautiful to listen to the heart, to follow it and to live it.


We all have a compass in our chest. Our heart :-) It knows us perfect, knows our way, knows our soulplan, knows what makes us happy and what is good for us :-)


No matter how crazy your dream seems live it and do it! :-)


When I was 19 years old I decided to be happy.
And I realiced quickly that I just need to follow my heart, my intuition to become happy :-) So I took all my courage and just gave my heart a chance and said "ok guide me". And guess what.... it was amazing. My heart told me such crazy things and after I did it I was sooooo happy :-) And my life became more and more full of joy and love. I am so thankful to myself that I decide everyday to listen to my heart to hug all my fear and to jump again!! :-) And often my heart gave me challenges but no matter how hard or painful it was at the end there was always a big surprise and a big present :-) The heart knows your soul and your destiny and brings you there with love and joy :-)



I wish that every human beeing can explore his heart, trust him and follow him. So that we all live in a world full of love and joy :-) Because the heart creats everything with and in love and joy :-)


For that reason I develped a consultation which can support you to follow your heart. The heartdream consultation is a combination from my wisdom, my expirience, supported from my clairvoyance and a methode which my angels showed me. I got a key from some heartangels with it I can look into the hearts of the people and help them to live their dreams :-)


This consultation can help you to:

~ to take the next step in your life

~ to recognize your heartwish, your heartdream

~ Tips how you can realise them in daily life

~ to live your soulplan

~ to recognize your way

~ to look into your heart 

~ to show you how you can support your child with its learning process


In the heart there is everything written. Your lifeplan, your dreams, what is making you happy, your next step......


For the heartdream consultation we need 1 hour. We will do it over skype or telefon so you can sit comfortable at home and it costs 240 SFr. 


I like to support you to live your heartdream


Subscription at lena@lena.ch



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