Flower of letting go


*I transform you and remove all that’s blocking you*


The flower of letting go helps you in letting go, transforms you and sets you free.


The painting is connected to powers and can connect you with powers that help you to remove and transform deep issues, wounds and hurts.



How does the painting work?

The painting is working like a vacuumer. As soon as it’s been activated and you know how to use it, it simply vacuums away all the blockages and disturbing things :-) And as much as you want. When it’s activated it’s working all the time and everything disturbing is being vacuumed out of the space and is getting transformed.

In which case does this painting help?

The painting helps anyone who wants to free herself, who wants to be more of himself. Who want to release and transform heavy wounds and issues. Especially for people who got stuck in strong structures and patters, it helps to clear and release those.

For what kind of rooms is it suitable?

Meditation rooms, seminar rooms, practices, working rooms, living rooms and kitchens. It’s not suitable for bedrooms, as it is working 24 hours a day and it’s usually better to rest well at night. 

Personal experience

When I get in touch with deep issues in myself, or simply don’t know how to move on and I somehow feel blocked, not free or not completely well, I go to the Flower of letting go. I then sit in front of her for about 20 minutes and allow it to work and feel how it takes everything away that’s disturbing :-) After that, I feel more free and greater wellbeing. I’m also using it when I’m too lazy or tired to look at certain issues, and if I don’t need it anymore, the Flower of letting go simply vacuums it away.




The painting is acrylic on linen and it measures 30 x 30 cm. Presently print-outs (high quality copies on linen) are available to purchase.

The price for the painting is 180 €

The painting is being delivered right at your own home. The shipping depends on the country you live (for Korea it is 47€, for USA 38 € ).

There is also a painting description and instruction available. It explains how to use and activate the painting and how it works. Since every painting is only and image of a form of energy or of a cosmic tool, which can support you along your way. That’s why it also works through a print-out, as after the activation it is directly connected to the cosmic tool and starts working in your life. The price for painting description is 20 €

Orders to lena@lena.ch





Hi Lena,

Even now, just after a few hours I’m completely inspired by the painting. I have energy again. Since 10 years I had fibromyalgia (constant pains), and along with it a burnout. Now I don’t feel pain anymore and I’m full of energy. Also the energy in my living room finally matches with mine, not so extremely bright and sharp anymore (I can see energies and I especially feel them), it is comfortable again, I’m simply feeling well. I’m particularly full of energy and not so completely tired anymore. It will definitely not be the last painting I will order, and during recent years I have probably bought energy tools for about 30,000 Euro, but this energy for me is like a miracle, for which I’m infinitely grateful.

Lots of love and in deep gratitude,


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