Freeing - Spiral

*I eleminate all interference and break everything that prevents you from beings yourself*

The Freeing - Spiral liberates you from distracting and negative influences on the mental level.
That means it clears your head, unwinds and calms the thoughts and therefore makes space for the light of your soul, so that you can hear your heart better and simply be yourself.

The Freeing - Spiral is a cosmic tool that has been created by Seranophinunsius masters.
Its intense green power liberates the human body from all alien effects and illusions, which precent it from being itself.

How does the painting work?  

The painting is like a shower on your energy body and especially on the head and on the mental body.
It resolves false imaginations about life, illusions about living on this planet, false concepts and belief patterns, which you may have taken over from your parents and which don’t match your being. Through the thousands of years of experience of the Seranophinusius masters, they have resourcefully created this tool, so that it becomes easier for human beings to reduce interfering fields and live their inner being.

In which case does this painting help?

The painting helps to be oneself, to have the courage to live one’s light of the soul and to express one’s greatness. It helps by cutting through beliefs and inferiority structures.
By also cleansing and calming the mental body, it profoundly helps in calming thoughts and thereyby in better perceiving the angels, the spiritual world and one’s heart.

For what kind of rooms is it suitable?

Living rooms, meditation rooms, seminar rooms, practices, waiting rooms, working rooms. It’s not suitable for bedrooms, as the energies are working very intensely and also regenerative and refreshing. Not suitable for bathroom and kitchen, because the green energy then gets washed away quickly. 


Personal experience

It completely clears my mental body. When I’m confused, when I’m having many thoughts or many things to do I’m using the Freeing - Spiral and it immediately makes me calm, free and clear. I also feel how the energy works very intensely and – like a strong breeze – works its way through my energy body and cleans it up :-)



The painting is acrylic on linen and it measures 30 x 30 cm. Presently print-outs (high quality copies on linen) are available to purchase.

The price for the painting is 366 €

The painting is being delivered right at your own home. The shipping depends on the country you live (for Korea it is 47€ ).

There is also a painting description and instruction available. It explains how to use and activate the painting and how it works. Since every painting is only and image of a form of energy or of a cosmic tool, which can support you along your way. That’s why it also works through a print-out, as after the activation it is directly connected to the cosmic tool and starts working in your life. The price for painting description is 20 €

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From the moment I started looking at the Freeing - Spiral, which you have been painting I have way less thoughts than before. thanks :-)

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