The Power of the ocean

This painting carries the power and the forces of the ocean.

The ocean has many treasures and forces that can help us.

*I connect with the power and the gifts of the ocean*


The ocean is the greates water body that exists on the Earth. It is enriched with salt and big animals and high-vribrational beings are living in the sea.

Most human beings have a sense of wellbeing near the ocean and love to spend time on the beach and to be at the sea. They can feel the calmness and it gives them rest and often also clearing.

The main force of the ocean is calmness. Whenever you connect with the ocean, you become calm immediately. That’s also why many people go to the sea for vacation to re-lax.
The salt which is there in the ocean has a highly purifying effect, which helps to even let go more. So those who swin in the sea get purified and therefore also released.

Those who can re-lax and let go, everything immediately falls off what he doesn’t need anymore, and thereby also find calmness.

I have painted this painting because the ocean has asked me to spread it amongst the people :-) It told me that human beings could use its forces very well, but unfortunately it can’t reach the humand beings all the time. That’s how this painting came to be, so that you can have the forces of the ocean at home with you :-)



How does the painting work?

The main effect of the painting is calming. As soon as you hung it on the wall and it’s been activated, it spreads soft, gentle, calm waves in the rooms. After approx. 1 day the entire room gets engulfed with calmness, and for people who are in the room it’s easier to re-lax and be calm.

The 2nd effect is that the painting is connecting. The sea connects all continents, it connects several realms under water, it connects the air with the land and many more. That means that this painting has a positive effect on relationships. The water energy flows gently between two people and re-establishes harmony. As soon as it hangs on the wall it brings calmness and harmony into your relationships.

In which case does this painting help?

It helps in case of insomnia, for example. When adults or children simply don’t get sleep, the painting can be placed in the bedroom and sleeping gets easier. Since in order to fall asleep you’ve got to let go and be calm. The sea then first helps with its calming forces to re-lax, and the salt releases and helps to let go.
Moreover, the painting stimulates the innere element of water, which stands for calmness and recovery and thereby calms from withing and asks one to let go of the outer world and to dive deep into the inner calmness.

Besides that, it also helps all people whose inner fires is burning intensely. Those are people who tend to burn out or constant burning, who are constantly active, hyper-activated up until ADHS people (who are often missing a calm, harmonic environment and nothing else).

Very suitable for the new children. Because Indigo, Crystal and other children carry high energies within. And for them them to be able to hold them and to be balanced inside they need a calm environment, with which this painting can support.

Helps people who are restless, who constantly need to do something, and who are flooded with thoughts. In that case one of their subtle bodies is too active and doesn’t find rest, and therfore the thoughts begin to dash. Here this painting helps to calm down and to harmonize.

For what kind of rooms is it suitable?

Bedroom, waiting room of practices, dining rooms, bathrooms.... wherever rest is needed.
It’s not suitable for workrooms or schoolrooms.


As great healers such as dolphins and wales reside in the sea, their energy also works through the painting.


Personal experience

I’m personally using the painting when I’ve been working with high energies intensely for a long period of time, and then being so hyper-activated. That mean after a seminar or when I’m channeling energy for a long time. Then I simply hang the painting on the wall, and about 2h later I’m again completely calm and balanced. Or when I’ve been experiencing and accomplished many things, that is, I’ve been in the fire for long, to better fall asleep and find rest. Or when I’m confused, it helps me to clarify things and to see the solution while being calm.




The painting is acrylic on linen and it measures 30 x 30 cm. Presently print-outs (high quality copies on linen) are available to purchase.

The price for the painting is 260 €

The painting is being delivered right at your own home. The shipping depends on the country you live (for Korea it is 47€ ).

There is also a painting description and instruction available. It explains how to use and activate the painting and how it works. Since every painting is only and image of a form of energy or of a cosmic tool, which can support you along your way. That’s why it also works through a print-out, as after the activation it is directly connected to the cosmic tool and starts working in your life. The price for painting description is 20 €

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