Sho Lah

*I’m opening and healing your source if love so that it can flow*

Sho Lah is a heart opener and heart healer.
It helps you to get over seperations, loss and anxiety and to regain trust into love, into your partner and into life.

This cosmic tool is one which I always carry along with me and which has been applied for the first time by the love priests in Lemuria.

How does the painting work?

The painting radiates a calm, harmonic frequency of love and invites all human beings in the room to gently enter their heart. It radiates the messages that it is safe to be in the heart. It gently opens hearts and supplies the healing energy which is the heart needs to freely love again.

In which case does this painting help?

The painting helps with pains of seperation, with the loss of people, hurts in relationships, relationship crisis, heavy fears, insecurities, it supports in forgiving, lack of orientation, and not knowing what next to do in life.


For what kind of rooms is it suitable?

Bedroom, nursery, seminar rooms, consultation rooms, day-care centers, creativ rooms, living rooms, kitchen....

Personal experience

I always have Sho Lah with me, as it is one of my cosmic tools. It helps me to understand and to reach the hearts of people. It also helps me to continuously be in the heart and to quickly heal and forgive hurts of the heart.


The painting is acrylic on linen and it measures 30 x 30 cm.
Presently print-outs (high quality copies on linen) are available to purchase.

The price for the painting is 160 €

The painting is being delivered right at your own home. The shipping depends on the country you live (for Korea it is 47€ ).

There is also a painting description and instruction available. It explains how to use and activate the painting and how it works. Since every painting is only and image of a form of energy or of a cosmic tool, which can support you along your way. That’s why it also works through a print-out, as after the activation it is directly connected to the cosmic tool and starts working in your life. The price for painting description is 20 €

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