The Sweetness of Life


*I’m revealing the beautiful facets of life to you*

The Sweetness of Life helps you to remember the things which give you joy, which bring about great joy in your life. It helps you to create joy and ease in your life and to fully enjoy your incarnation.


The Sweetness of Life is a group of elves who are helping people with their happy and light energy to conceive and to live the sweet, sunny side of life and and being on the Earth.


How does the painting work?  

The painting works happy and exhilerant. It seems as if colorful evels would dance out of the painting who are make the room into a bath of delightful dancing colors. The colors touch and awaken the heart and the inner child of a human being and help with their gentle and easy way to be brave, to become conscious of their desires, and to make dreams come true.

In which case does this painting help?

The painting helps if a person is feeling heavy, cheerless, or empty and shallow. Whenever a person has lost her zest for life and has loused up her dreams. Then the colors of the Sweetness of Life awaken him from his sleep and show him the way how to realize his joy and desires, lightly and easily.

For what kind of rooms is it suitable?

Bedroom, nursery, seminar rooms, consultation rooms, day-care centers, creativ rooms, living rooms, kitchen....

Personal experience

When I hang the picture on the wall, within just 2 hours I remember things which I wanted to do for a long time, but still haven’t done yet. Things which give me great joy and fun. It also makes the whole room friendly, bright and happy :-)


The painting is acrylic on linen and it measures 30 x 30 cm. Presently print-outs (high quality copies on linen) are available to purchase.

The price for the painting is 247 €

The painting is being delivered right at your own home. The shipping depends on the country you live (for Korea it is 47€ ).

There is also a painting description and instruction available. It explains how to use and activate the painting and how it works. Since every painting is only and image of a form of energy or of a cosmic tool, which can support you along your way. That’s why it also works through a print-out, as after the activation it is directly connected to the cosmic tool and starts working in your life. The price for painting description is 20 €

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