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Hi <3
Me and Dario Einhorn freed the collective heart at 12.12.13!!!! <3 :-) (It was quiet locked.... humpf) I need your help.... can you please collect your heart with the collective hert? <3 And send love to it? <3 Like this it can heal faster and can get stronger again :-)
Please share it.... :-)


Man 17.06.13

Today I want to thank all man, men and male! I want to thank all the love, the honor, the time, the attention they gave me... and to thank for all the gave me I want to thank all men and male who treated me nice, I want to thank all the man, men and male who gave me the most respect ever! I want to thank my father, my brother, all my friends and all men! Thank you 

And I want to apologize to all man, men and male... from my past, my past lifes, on the earth and also from my futur. I am sorry for each time I could'nt take your love, I am sorry for each time I wasn't able to honor you or your love, I am sorry for everytime I treated you bad or didnt give you the biggest honor, I am sorry for everytime I hurt you, I am sorry for all the pain I made you feel, I am sorry for everytime I didnt show you my limits, I am sorry for everytime I didnt tell you what I need or want, I am sorry for each time I allowed my fear to get between us, I am sorry for everytime I blamed you, I am sorry for each moment I made you guilty or an offender. 
I want to say sorry and apologize in the name of all women who ever treated you wrong and not as you deserve.... for all your girlfriends, sisters and for your mother. We are sorry.

Dear man, men and male please forgive me. Please forgive me, please forgive all woman, please forgive women and please forgive the female. We are sorry for all the times we didnt give you what you needed or didnt treat you as you deserve. 

I forgive myself for each time I pushed your love away. I forgive myself for putting something between us... I forgive... 

Dear man please forgive me... I love you 




About 21.12.2012

Friday the 21.12.12 isn't a normal friday. In fact there is only one day like this in a whole evolution of a planet. It is the day where the evolution of the planet earth is stepping out of duality!!! That is a big party!! A big liberation!

But what is duality and how is it?

Each time when a new planet is created, they creat amd choose a purpose and a use for it. They choose natrul steps for growing for the planet and everything gets planned really carefully. For the growth of the planet and that he can  become what he wants to be there are some development-steps needed. And one of those development-steps is called duality. In duality there are two poles two extrems and with and on this extrems the planet and his habitans can grow and make expiriences. On the earth the main extrems are light and shadow, brightness and darkness. That means darkness was produced and invited and everyone who wants to expirience how it is to be dark or to forget who they are or to be light in the darkness could do this here. On 21.12.12 this cycle is finished! That means duality is dissolves and all dual laws will be removed. One of a dual law, just to give an example, is that it always has to have the same amount of light and shadow on earth. That means if somewhere it gets really bright it has to get extremly dark somewhere else. Like this every person even he is very bright has to have some darkness inside and the most dark person has to feel somewhere love and light. There are many more of this laws... which were valid and valid till 21.12.12!!!

And what exactly happens on this friday?

Some planets will build a street, a row in one line pointing to the earth and through those planets a biiiig light will be sent, a wonderful light, pure love and pure light :-) And that will be really great and nice. And that is why it is a light party. And this light will ring the end of the duality and changing many things more on earth which I can't tell all here.

What you can count on is, it will be a big party! Imagine thousands of years pain, suffer, bright and dark ... is just over. On the 3. dimension where the most people are and only see this dimension, the changes won't be so visible. But they will take place and slowly they will softly seep to the 3. dimension (which is visible for the physical eyes) :-)

What can I do on this day?

Celebrate! Celebrate! Make a party, invite all your friends, do something nice, go out eating nice, go on a concert, or dancing do what your heart desires and celebrate the earth, the love, the peace... just be yourself. Everything is good and everything will come better. It is an honor and a privileg that you are exactly now in this big moment here on earth to celebrate this big celebration .Many millions of souls and beeings wanted also to join it... and even mooorreeee are watching us and are with us with their biiiiig love and light. So enjoy it totally.

. On the 22.12.12 the energy on the earth will be much higher :-) This can be masured already now... so look forward to a time with more love, more light and more peace!!!!!!

Love, Love, Love



If you feel you are going crazy or you feel like freaking out all the time.... just breath... at the moment the synapses in the brain get connected in a new way and your perception changes and you are thinking "what the hell is going on, I guess I am going crazy and freak out".... everything is fine.... its only renewing :-)



Love 6.11.12

Love, Love, Love everything ♥... give up everything else... give up each pain, give up each suffering, each fear, each sadness and allow the love to float through you and to release and transform it all :-)
Open yourself for love... let the love flow... always! Always! Don't allow any feeling to blind you or to stop you from loving... love! Every person is innocent and everything is perfect! Say yes to what is and love ♥ love ♥ love ♥ love until all is away... love no matter what it is and how difficult it seems... love will rescue you ♥ love ♥ love ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥